Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sculptures at the Wildflower Center


If only I had paid more attention to the names..

Now THIS I'd want in my backyard

no sculpture but a wee snake on the pond at the Wildflower Center

For more sculptures and to just plain enjoy them at the Wildflower Center which I highly recommend; the exhibit is open until May 31st. Click on title for more info.


  1. those are some pretty unique sculptures. I like the dog one :)

  2. I like that funky circle one. there were a few more but I a) couldn't find it with all the pics we took and b), one should really just go and visit if at all possible. Thanks for stopping by K. We just started a garden club in our neighbourhood with the hopes of educating people about natives and reducing lawns to save water. Don't know if you're from Austin (TX) or not, but we're in an official draught situation, inspite of the recent rain falls. Where are you from?